Oxbridge Answers came highly recommended to us, by a business partner.  At the time we worked with a number of Agencies but found Dan to be more knowledgeable about our technical requirements. Consequently he put forward all of the people that we made offers to.  We now have an exclusive relationship with Oxbridge Answers and I would recommend working with them as a business partner.
Director, Financial Software House

When we first started working with Oxbridge Answers we had a PSL in place, however Dan demonstrated a good understanding both technically and of Financial Instruments within the Market that we operate in.  Subsequently Dan has become our preferred supplier, he has exceeded our expectations and we have recommended him to several of our clients, who have been equally impressed.  We have been working with Dan now for over five years and would recommend him as a business partner to any company looking for a competitive edge.
VP Technology - Trading Platform SW House

We approached Oxbridge Answers after their service was recommended to us by a Leading Microsoft Gold Partner that we work with.  Dan had placed many people with them over several years.  We found Dan to have a consultative approach with a good understanding of how Derivatives work.  He worked well with us and provided us with the person that we were looking for.
Director -IS Investment Bank

I have been working with Dan Cassar now for over 5 years.  When he first approached me I had existing supplier relationships in place and was happy with them.  However Dans consultative approach was very refreshing, he demonstrates credible market knowledge and a strong technical understanding of all things Microsoft.  Dan has become a preferred supplier providing us with the best MS Dynamics CRM/ AX SharePoint MOSS 2007/ 210, and .NET 3.5/4.0 people in the market.    We have been so impressed with Dan over the years that we recommended him to numerous clients of ours, something that we would not do lightly without being completely confident that their experience with Dan would reflect well on us.  I would recommend Dan to any organisation looking for competitive advantage through employing the best people.
Operations Director -MS Gold Partner.

We consider OA as Strategic business partner, when we first made contact with them we had a ‘preferred supplier list’ we asked that they work alongside this. We believe that the people that we employ are critical to the success of our business, and quite simply Dan out performed our existing Suppliers and has consistently delivered the best people.  Without exception all of the people that Dan placed with us have developed into valuable employees.  Dan has a professional approach and demonstrated a good understanding of how our business works and the complex technology behind it.
Director - Risk Consultancy


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