Our Approach

  • We understand that every company is different and every job is unique. Hence, we make sure that we have a thorough understanding your business and the technology you use.

  • Our ability to understand your requirements is based on our willingness to listen and the fact our consultants specialise in specific technical and geographical areas.

  • Given the experience of our consultants and their in depth market knowledge we can also offer you honest and informed advice regarding candidate availability and salary levels etc.

  • When working on an assignment, we make speed a priority as we believe people are critical to your business. We will send you quality CV’s within 24 hours for permanent positions and only a few hours for contract positions.

  • Our ability to deliver results is made possible by our bespoke database, which currently holds 1.3 million+ IT professionals, an extensive advertising budget, and the ability of our consultants to network for additional applicants.

  • Promising applicants are then thoroughly interviewed from a technical and cultural perspective to ascertain their fit for your requirements. We also ensure they fully understand the benefits of your company and the position being recruited.

  • listening to you...

    listening to you...
  • When we forward applicants you will also receive important information, such as, their salary, expectations, a summary of their skills and their availability for interview and to start work.

  • When you request interviews we ensure that our applicants are fully prepared. They will have a full knowledge of your company, the role, and the interview process.

  • Because of our quality driven approach to recruitment, it usually requires very few interviews for you to select an applicant you wish to make a job offer to. Our consultants will use their experience and market knowledge to ensure where possible that job offers are accepted.

  • We guarantee that throughout the recruitment process, regardless of the outcome, you will be impressed by our open, honest and professional approach.

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